Relationships with self reflect how we value and relate to the world around us, including personal and business relationships.


We begin with my Relationships because in my experience it is the quality of our relationships shape us, they


My Past Endeavours


I have a background in interior design, project coordination, sales marketing, and music. I then studied Health (while studying I worked full time while attending classes full time and had time for personal and social life) and subsequently worked in the most prestigious of health retreats.

While working at Camp Eden Health Retreat I heard about Robert Kiyosaki



Below is a video of him & Donald Trump, the story of how I arrived there shall be added at a later date, in the meantime I'd like to share this with you.





In 1994, I was also invited to travel with renowned author and success coach Anthony Robbins for a year,



My travel began as part of his R & R team in his Savu Savu Namale resort in Fiji.



Below Tony speaks about the difference between success and no success the difference is often just a millimeter out





While there, I met a gentleman who was willing to pay $1,000,000.00 ( and he did) for the privilege of travelling and being coached by Tony Robbins.


This man was there because he wished to attract a specific woman and he was willing to dedicate a whole year and 1 million US$ to work on himself. Why? Because he knew that to achieve anything one needs to work on oneself first, not on the other person.

Yet remarkably I hear ordinary people giving excuses for choosing not to connect even for a few hours, imagine how limiting that belief system, there is always a way of setting aside time to improve one self



We are shaped by our experiences and determination; qualifications and at times even experience not always everything, at the end of the day it is our attitude that gets it for us.


Prior to becoming interior designer I had a remarkable challenge.

I chose to change direction in my life, take up a new profession, the feeling was so powerful


In seeking through job opportunities, I spotted an ad for curtain sales. This appealed to me since I've always loved presenting my home beautifully plus I had a strong sales background. That was not my ultimate dream, but it had possibilities because ultimately I loves sales and was great at it. I would only ever sell what I loved and knew well.


The position advertised was strictly for experienced applicants.

I had absolutely no experience, therefore I left it for a few days to enable them to interview the prospects, then I called; stating clearly that I had no experience, but I so wanted to learn.

They informed me the applicants they've had so far despite being very experienced were not suitable primarily due to their attitude and presentation. Their intention was to advertise again the following weekend, and if they did not have a suitable applicant, I would be considered.



I waited a few days again, giving them time to meet/access the applicants suitability, I know how valuable experience is to a business, the expense of training is staggering especially if they do not last the distance.


A few days later I turned up at the store, the owner was busy so I waited ( for hours), again they wished to try the third week advertising for experienced prospect, by then I knew the job was mine, I really wanted that change so much.


Within a few days I received that call inviting me to join them, I was ecstatic.


Why am I sharing this with you? People expect to get a job based on a piece of paper, qualifications are not everything. The right attitude can be trained for the job. The job application based on a CV does not necessarily reflect great attitudes.



About interior design,


I joined the business as a protege, my employer was my mentor, I had not studied interior design, it was my attitude that was hired, within 3 months I was running the Qld operations designing quoting coordinating millions of dollars worth of projects every month.

Involved with every aspect including designing, costing, tracking the orit was my attitude that was hiredders for each job, coordinating all the trades and working to deadlines. ( To earn my place for this position I accepted nominal remuneration, started work often at 6 am, had a second job in the evenings, when not working evenings, I  often worked back till 9pm, again I had a fabulous social life and love life.)

It's all about time  management. I find most people offer so little of themselves, never knowing how much a fully involved life is truly worth.)




Finally I was working with people and contractors that provided exceptional service, collaborating with fabulous people who respected each other.  


When you love what you do, you are energized by it you are truly part of your existence not just a slave to a well worn path. 

Site inspections. delivery. placement. finishes, meeting deadlines and ensuring all payments were received, some due to the vastness of the projects were progress payments. I worked with a dedicated team that delivered excellence and on time, something few have had the privilege of experiencing. I worked with a dedicated team that delivered excellence and on time


Most important of all was completing every project on schedule. Delays are costly, momentum is lost and are not tolerated in any successful business. 

Jim Rhon is a remarkable mentor to me & in particular Robert Kiyosaki with whom I trained followed by assisting in his seminars facilitating wherever required. Robert has co-written a book with Donald Trump.




Consistent desire, purpose and mentoring


I have been a pianist, and a good one. But without a teacher to direct me, challenge me, and support me I could not have passed all the exams. Without encouragement I would not have exercised my fingers by practicing scales every day up to 2 hours, next to perfecting my musical presentation.

Because of my teacher’s encouragement I could play the piano for hours and still be wanting more. I started when I was 9 years old, on a friend’s piano, and started teaching piano at the age of 12.  


Please don't let your assumptions prevent you from making a discovery that could be a turning point in your life.    

My Life Coaching is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Like the Passion of the Dance - this level of Life Coaching connects you with the universal pulse of life - the rhythm of ecstasy flowing through your entire body, awakening and expanding your inner capacity for joy, healing, passion, love, and life. This is the dance of the soul that only my  Life Coaching can offer, in its unique and personalized way.  


We are all conditioned to try and fit in, and often when we look for services 

We fall into the same patterns and expectations: remarkably we find comfort in conformity. 

There is a tendency to seek validation; to feel we belong to something. It feels safe, true, but it does not truly liberate us. In conformity there is no growth. In applying yet another system we do not truly break free. Life Coaching is not a system. It is a deep awakening. Each time you touch and/or are touched you enter into a new environment. You have evolved since the last time you were touched; your needs and dreams are more profound; every cell is communicating; inside you are more and more connected to you. Therefore you touch and respond differently - with yourself, the world around you, and your partner.    


Here, your Life Mentoring (Coaching)  is completely customised to meet your personal (and business) needs and challenges - when you develop more tools and skills in your life your preferences will change, and my work with you will change accordingly 




The poet E.E. Cummings wrote:   

“A lot of people think or believe or know they feel - but that’s thinking or believing or knowing, not feeling. And poetry is feeling - not knowing or believing or thinking.”

Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel.


Why? Because when you think or believe or know, you carry a lot of other people with you, but the moment you feel you are nobody but yourself.


In a world that is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else, being nobody but yourself means fighting the hardest battle any human can fight.  


---- E.E. Cummings    


  • When this energy is realized it then requires direction: finding the right guidance and establishing the right environment, including friendships and our work and surroundings, is critical for most people.  
  • When this new power is discovered it needs to be harnessed.  .  
  • So, no matter where you are in life, you can discover quality and embrace and maintain higher standards in every area of your life.  
  • Don’t settle for less than what you dreamed of. Imagine you could always receive what you ask for, and always give what your friends and partner ask for; imagine there is a way.  
  •  Once we know what is available to us, we can ask for more than we ever believed possible.    


Note from TJ


If you have had enough of the void in your life, always seeking but settling for comfortable rather than transforming; if you have had enough of quick fixes that do not give you the total feeling of love youwant in your life; to  take the leapcall my office to learn more.  


Us working together  (the team in training - more details on this soon) supported by our unique skills below is my vision this applies to my work my team as well as with my clients.  


Remember what Napoleon Hill said:


"before success comes, we are sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure.


When defeat overtakes us, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit.

And that is exactly what the majority of men and women do.


" So, there's no point in being in the majority! Let's get ourselves into the minority, turn our lives around, do this for ourselves by becoming healthy in every area of our lives, in particular our relationship with our bodies, our lover and the people around us".