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Brief outline of my background prior to becoming involved in the Health Retreat, body regeneration industry, followed by Health retreat experience.

To this day I prefer to work with people on that level. This has the most powerful impact on change.

Project coordinator

Prior to that I was key designer and project coordinator for a boutique interior design business. In this position I was involved in every aspect of the project, from meeting with all suppliers and service providers, maintaining regular meeting with our manufacturers thereby ensuring their interpretation of the project and attention to the specifications met the standards we aspire to. As we were at all times on deadline, there was no room for error and miscommunication. If any of the subcontractors needed to make any modifications, collaborating with me was essential as that would affect the end result and the entire project could be a failure. It was essential that everything flowed, the people I worked with were aware of the consequences of changing any aspect without notification.

We were not open to the general public, all our work was commissioned meaning the end result of every one of our clients was unique to them, completely personalised. Everything was designed from scratch. The tradies, builders, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, wholesalers, transport knew all must arrive on schedule. We did not carry floor stock therefore we did not have any stock to sell just to move it off the floor.


It is this attitude I bring to all the training, workshops, life-style support and therapies

 Due to life's events I moved onto natural health industry. For many years working in Premier Health Resorts both on the Gold Coast and Sydney area.

For almost a year, I lived in a premier health retreat. During that time I awoke with the guests, participated in every event including absailing, archery, water polo, meditation, yoga, dance, magnificent walks, personal training. The morning run was the best start to the day. I was with them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In that time during their full week stay the daily changes were nothing short of remarkable.

Within 3 months I was providing specialised services and was travelling down to Sydney & Melbourne as support to the former guests - at their request.

I feel privileged to have been part of their changes. Daily the changes were measurable. No one in the health field has had this level of contact, typically a therapist counsellor, meditation teacher, yoga teacher or personal trainer is with their client for at most one hour, they may see them a few times a week. A few times a week if it is physical training of some sort, a few times a month if naturopath acupuncture's or doctor.

I was literally with them 24/7, therefore I did not get their interpretation of feelings and events after the face, I was with them at that very moment.


Workshops and training

I conduct training monthly in environmental and lifestyle awareness. Some are 4 hours in duration through to a long weekend, the rest of the time is my own.


Organic foods

These days; I am dedicated to eating organic foods including meat and dairy.

Massage; why should we all learn to receive better.

A range of massage therapies including Kahuna massage are critical to our health (not to be confused with the new age version that is around), most farmers, sporting people and anyone who has a body often suffers from bad back, stress headaches fatigue, digestive issues, lymphatic congestion needs a massage.

How to prepare for a massage and why.

Never have a massage when drinking particularly excessive. The massage shall recirculate the alcohol and any other toxic substances including some medication and cigarettes. This could result in the body receiving a double dose.

  • If you are toxic from accumulation of toxins of any kind; find out what you must know and do before, during and immediately after the massage. These details shared through workshops and training 

Martial Arts and Yoga

I’ve also studied Aikido some time ago, would love to do it again. Tai Chi and Kung Fu I enjoyed as. Yoga and simple exercise I incorporate into my daily routine


My passion is sustainability, music arts. I also love indigenous dance, and Polynesian dance is something I'd love to do more of. Cultural dance and cultural expression are my great interests as well. Also Latin dancing as a physical activity and relaxation I truly enjoy. Anything that moves in harmony I am deeply connected to. I've also tried my hand at drumming a while ago, as a child I studied classical piano, so if you are into rhythm or would love to find it, we are a match. Personal development is part of my journey as well; success for me is a well rounded lifestyle.

Simple Living

This means that I love the simple life of the country, and a five star lifestyle is also very attractive to me. Everything has its place. To me personal development means a can do attitude always finding a solution, it is not just about saying positive things, love being true and real.

I have travelled extensively through east coast of Australia a number of years ago. Some international travel as well. Love animals, love people although I love my own space to read, bush walk and study nature. Culture is my great interest, particularly indigenous culture - how they connect with the land.
At one time I rescued and Joey and raised it to adulthood, that was a beautiful and rewarding experience. I love wild life.


Love the ocean, most weekends I spent on boats and on our lovely islands off the east coast of Australia.

Organic lifestyle

I prefer organic lifestyle, *prefer to prepare my own food happy and happy to share what I prepare*.

*I do eat meat and dairy and love making vegetable juices, they have remarkable health benefits.

My dietary needs are simple. Organic milk, butter, cream. Milk I make into keifer and cheese, for my pro-biotic requirements. Organic liver, basic meat cuts for nutritional sustainability.*

Vegetable Juices

Vegetables; celery, zucchini, cucumber, coriander, carrot; these vegetables are a must for me. I make vegetable juice once a week for my vitamin and mineral requirements*

Most households enjoy vegetable juices.

If you are interested (many families have health issues of aching bodies) I'd love to share my knowledge and remarkable benefits for great health.

*My interests and how I care for myself nutrition wise are included, that is not to say you need to be into what I do.* Just to let you know how I like to take care of myself for myself and am happy to include you in that if you ask.

I would not impose what I do for me onto anyone unless, they ask. Because I seek organic balanced lifestyle I thought this may be useful information that you may or may not have.

Pro-biotic learn how to make your own

I make my own cottage cheese, keifer and whey (this is a homemade version of pro-biotic far more powerful than the commercial variety), I do eat meat, was a vegetarian for many years, this I found due to our polluted environment did not support my health. I continued with more research and discovered why meat and special recipes of specific cheeses are essential to detoxing heavy metals and other contaminants thoroughly.

Web Design

I also do simple websites, something I had to learn to do myself. I love to be able to make adjustments and changes when required rather than wait for somebody else to become available, often a website needs adjusting at a moment’s notice, so I learned how to do that.

Juicer, why is this essential?

I travel with my juicer. and so should all of us. Vegetable Juice *I make once or twice a week, then store it in the fridge (special recipe that ensures there is no spoilage) Reasonable fridge space for the juice, keifer, cheeses etc is essential for optimum health of the cheeses that are specific for pulling toxins out of the body.. organic vegetable juice is my vitamin and mineral supplement.

Coming Soon;

How to make these life giving nutrients.