Expand Grow with people dedicated to completing each project

FINALLY – how much are you willing to grow and expand as a human being? Our ability to achieve that in every aspect of life is about developing all qualities simultaneously. This can only be achieved when we all work together. This involves our environment we live and work in; therefore office administration, food, cooking, gardening & maintenance are just as much a part of training as our internet presence.




Skills of any of the above are called for. Fun in training

Very foundation of love, caring, successful living requires people dedicated to the same goal. So people from every profession and skill come together to make this dream you and I have become a greater A REALITY.  

You’ll be directly involved in each project such as research and connecting to credible professionals in their field. YOU’LL STUDY Many masters, philosophers, professionals and experts who actually live what they teach so you can benefit first hand. This first video is client talking about the energies we work with and how his shoulder pain of twenty years healed.There is no separation from the source no matter what you do. Shamanic skills (don’t believe the ordinary representations everywhere) the difference is just geographical, teachings are very similar. It’s all about connection to the spirit of the earth the human the animal etc, as extension of our consciousness.  

Here life living and sharing together, takes on new meaning and new dimensions of self expression.

During the training; You’ll be rediscovering how to reconnect with your source that is always here for you.




You’ll be involved in assisting me with clients in your role of taking care of the environment, the list is below, but first watch the videos.  

Training Opportunities are available to clients who have successfully completed the foundational therapies offered on the site you came from.


The most valuable skill is the ability to create a lifestyle within a team environment as you support one another with your skills. Like a rough diamond you are shaped according to your purpose. Because you are reading this page this tells me that you as I was  are a valuable rough diamond that wants to shine and be valuable. You are seeking a worthy setting to fit into and the right place to display your worth.