Our bodies our food our homes, pets, gardens our work environment and all our produce are under constant pressures. When we are overwhelmed, the task is daunting.

The Key is taking one step at a time then the transition is easy. Knowing where to begin is often a challenge. Do we begin with the Food, the Mind, Body our Home our Work our friends our family? Before we even move into our property we are already moving into a distorted and disturbed environment.

We are at the affect of our environment at some stage of our day, our body, mind, spirit and emotions are affected 24/7 by the choices we make. Here we do not separate as we begin with the Simplest solution that embraces all the concerns balancing all of the environments simultaneously so we can move forward without restraint. Our bodies are the most honest part of us, yet due to lack of training we are unable to connect with our entire being. When we do begin, this can appear to be a daunting task. Clearing the debris of chemicals, understanding effects of environmental influences is critical for long term solutions.

When we take the time to assess the world we live in that moment we recognise that everything on us and around us emits positive ions that are detrimental to our health, the health of our children, our pets and our produce.

Everything that touches us these days.

  • Synthetic clothing  
  • everything that we apply on our skin is a chemical cocktail  
  • Our carpets  
  • Car upholstery, treated with chemicals  
  • Our lighting  
  • Sheets, towels  
  • Water we drink and bathe in.more info  

We all know stress management is the most critical factor to Success, Relationships, Health. How we manage stress affects every area of our lives. Stress disturbs us completely, There is no escape. We can do something very simple that can be felt immediately. The benefits continue without doing anything more - no maintenance required. We have yet to find anything so complete and maintenance free. It is self maintaining providing renewable energy to us and our surroundings.

We cannot do give up technology in the world we live in. There are solutions to balance our environment and our energy field. 
More details on the workshop coming soon in the meantime just contact us for free information. 
  • Yet the Solution is Very simple. 

These days we cannot escape EMR Pollution and geopathic stress within our environment, this affects us all on a cellular level.

We begin to take care of ourselves on the cellular level with the latest technology.

These products have been developed and refined with remarkable results.