Successful Training

Successful training

Training is deemed a success when we are aware of our environment. When we are not aware, we are in perpetual state of restraint and reaction. By contributing your skills in many areas everything you do EVERY DAY is connecting to your personal power.

Here you’ll have the support of every Trainee participant in every area of your life. Therefore obviously we would love to fill as many varied positions as possible in the shortest amount of time. Life force energy is the most powerful energy on the planet when used properly you become the creator of your reality. When misused it controls us. When it is misused it is only useful for the moment by those who wish to escape from their tormented boring lives. When misused it often leads to addictions and resistance. When you collaborate you show up your flaws and strengths. These are both essential.

Successful training


Support Under Tasha’s watchful eye guidance and support bringing you closer to living life you dream of. What does this mean?

As the natives were in touch with their essence in living - you too shall discover

In today’s world we rely on all these skills for success; 
  • Computer

  • Cooking Carpentry
  • Hairdressing
  • Cleaning


  • Computer programming


  • Content writing
  • Gardening
  • building
  • Carpentry
  • Mechanics
  • Security
  • Divining When you connecct you are certai of your own needs
  • Feng Shui
  • Martial Arts Masters
  • Dance
  • Musician
  • Drivers Removalists    
  • Meditation
  • Marketing
  • Law.
  • Personal Assistant
  • Housekeeping
  • All skills that are required on a regular basis.
  • Those we need occasionally will make you master of your own destiny.
  • When you know how to connect to people with other skills in the list, YOU ARE CERTAIN OF YOUR NEEDS.
  • Till then, you are doomed to live in separation.