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We have the latest video of the most recent Australian visit. It is scheduled to be edited and converted for upload, if you'd love to assist us in this please contact us, we are short handed for this.

 In the meantime here are three of her videos for your health's sake  

Imported food contaminated for your health watch the video below Fukashima disaster how we are all affected by the food from Japan, his is covered in Dr Caldicott's video's Wikipedia link 

Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Medical Implications of Fukashima, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation

 For your health - do not buy food from Japan or Europe - these foods are full of radiation - please watch  Dr. Helen Caldicott's   video's


This video is about eating raw meat I was happy to eat raw fish 'sushi' (marinated in lemon, tastes fabulous) that was prior to Fukashima fall out, these days I take great care in food choices due to radiative contamination. 
Update, the video has been removed by youtube. I'll have to find it somewhere else to share with you.
In the above video he speaks about absolute need for butter - I have on good authority that this assist in removing heavy metals including mercury (particularly when you choose to remove amalgam fillings) from our bodies
Let's be realistic, in the last few decades everything is 97% fat free, we now have more overweight people than ever before, we need to question everything we are told at all times. 
On one of my retreats based on  Kashmir Shaivism a teaching of Tantra find more about this in this link Kashmir Shaivism residents shared how their spiritual leader, upon observing poor health of the residents, directed them to slaughter on of the cows that shared their land (they did not eat it raw, the meat was cooked). I share the full story 'of how they made the killing spiritual and humane' at training's and events I present.


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