Training insight into how collaboration training works.

Trainee shares what we did to help him with clarity about life he wants. Watch the full video.

Training talk with trainee in this video. First we Began identifying his disconnect.

Every one has some area they are disconnected. It's vital that we approach this with honesty about who you are and where you fit. First we must determine that you really do want to shift. That you are ready to do the work. What you identify with is who you begin to believe you are. We begin with how we fill the gap between where you really want to be and where you are.

First priority is to establish your personal identity. This established the reason and purpose of living with feelings. Then we expanded that into connection. Value of this trip. How that revealed the patterns in his life of always sitting on the fence.   Watch this video to the end to get the message. 

Become aware of how what you do and how you communicate affects people around you. 

This is a safe place for you to put into practice what you learn in an environment where everyone is committed to do the same.  

Be supported by like minded Training where you support one another and with Like-minded people you Participate in life dedicated to your successintentional people. Apply to be part of the Life Class personal transformation by filling in the volunteer Support Event Registration form here. 

When you have an enthusiastic team fully available, all you ever wanted to experience is here right now in this lifetime. Living in isolation is living in survival mode.  We suffer from isolation, deep need of genuine touch and attention yet often when we do come across it.  For most humans; touch begins and ends with sex, and then we are alone and separate again. Communication that is based purely of sexual desire is no communication at all. In the same room in the same bed true intimacy disappears that no technique can fix.

Nature of a companion. 

People are like nature but have forgotten through their struggle to survive. Nature loves companion planting where each plant serves a purpose to the plants around it. The plant or bug or the soil or sun water and sky do not try to become the same.  They come together all day every day feeding one another and off each other.  Humans are all dreaming for their uniqueness.  Uniqueness is complementary.  Sameness is competitive and destructive. 

Sameness has no defence and low rate of success.

Sameness leaves us vulnerable to attack because we have no defence or support of other resources and skills. When everyone is same as us, we are limited to repeat same day for rest of our days.

When we need to engage other services we rely on outside sources whose intention we do not know. This further contributes to self doubt and self sabotage. Sameness attracts predators. Predators make us shrink, compete and decay.