Training opportunity. 

Training opportunity available to participants in training in life; how it connects to us all day every day. Envolvement, Satisfaction, Support. Clarity.

Six positions are available at this point. These skills are required; from cooking, PA, driver, IT professional to Housekeeping and gardening; check the list below.


Our priorities;

Presently we are working at upgrading all aspects of our presence on-line. This includes human interaction skills. If you are great at organising, sorting and or delegating let us know. Outsourcing knowledge and experience is a valuable contribution. Some of which are environmental that as well as home and health environment, includes web design, social media, video editing, content writing, all social media and You Tube presence. This is the most exciting aspect of the volunteer training. You get to create your dreams and live them as your reality on this beautiful planet in this lifetime.  

As you live the life of Sacred teachings that you resonate with. You have opportunity to learn new skills you did not know you even had.  Working on functionality and interaction and designing programmes for learning, living and study.   This includes health, wealth and relating to all elements of your environment as you begin to connect with the spirit within every element on earth. How would you contribute to our vision?  What are your strengths & list strongest ones only.  Are your organized and efficient, demonstrate.  How would this benefit you? This is where you list some of your challenges.  READ THE ENTIRE PAGE THEN TEXT US FOR NEXT STEP.  FINALLY & how much are you willing to grow and expand as a human being?